Big Strike Auction Bidding Starts Today!

Can’t make it to the auction?  Are you coming to the auction but want to get a head start on bidding today?  Either way, it’s time to sign up to bid at  Visit in your browser or text “bigstrike17” to 24700 to begin the sign-up process.  The Big Strike Auction is coming up Saturday, September 16th, but remember, you don’t need a ticket to the event to register to bid.

When you log in to the auction site, you’ll be able to bid on silent auction items, buy a Golden Ticket, and see all the amazing live auction items.  Plus, if you are already registered before you arrive at the auction, your check-in will be quick and easy.  We’ve got all kinds of exciting items that you won’t want to miss out on, so get a head start on bidding today.

If you can’t make it to our auction, this site provides several opportunities to support the auction and the Verdugo Hills Council.  You can quickly and easily donate using your card.  You can purchase a Golden Ticket and get a one in one-hundred chance to get your choice of any live auction item before the auction even begins (for only $100!).  Many of the live auction items are worth several thousand dollars.  And of course, you can bid on many of the silent auction items starting today.

If you are coming to the auction, make sure you purchase your event ticket at in addition to registering at  You can still use all the features of the bidding site starting today, but you also have a few exclusive opportunities.  At the auction, you can bid on all the live auction items, but don’t forget you can see them all today at  There are also exclusive silent auction items that you can see at which will only be available during the event.

Text “bigstrike17” to 24700 or visit today!

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